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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 06:12:31 EDT From: Robert Cole Subject: Raymond 5 - The stories of underage nymphette bbs Robert ColeRAYMOND part 5 - The stories of Robert ColeJOEY The little boy, who had been Ray and Rob's play toy during their high school years, was now in high school himself. He turned out to be a pretty good-looking kid, slim of waist, with red hair and hazel eyes. Like most teens, he was perpetually in a state of sexual arousal. After Ray and Rob passed out of his life he had sex only with his hand, which was frequent. Today was gym day, which he really liked. He got to be in the locker room and could watch other boys, naked and showering. When he got home, after school, he would be so aroused that he jerked off two or three times more than he usually did!Joey was dressed in white soccer shorts. He was hot and sweaty, just in from a soccer game. He headed for the lav to take a leak before showering. nonnude nymphet art The lav was empty. free little nymphet videos He stepped up to a urinal and took it out. It was hot and sweaty confined in his jock. He was just starting to piss when he heard the lav door open. Someone walked in and stood behind him."Hi Joey,"Joey looked over his shoulder and saw that it was Mr. Jackson, the gym teacher. Joey finished pissing, quickly put his penis away and turned around. "Hi Mr. Jackson."Jackson was young and handsome with an athletic body and he turned Joey on! The boy fantasized about sucking Jackson's cock when he jerked off. The gym teacher was just in from the soccer field ls nymphets land where he supervised the game that Joey had just played. He too was hot and sweaty."Nice game," he nymphet naturism said to Joey.Joey was staring at Jackson's crotch. He was aching to pull down Jackson's soccer shorts and put the teacher's cock into his mouth. "Thanks, Mr. Jackson," Joey stammered.Jackson had wanted this boy for a long time. Now, noticing how Joey seemed to be interested in his crotch, he decided to initiate a little sex play. Placing his hand on the boy's ass he drew Joey closer and gently nudged his knee between the boy's legs.Joey couldn't believe what was happening! He could feel nymphets best portals his cock getting hard."Feels ls magic nymphets good, doesn't it?""Yeah," Joey replied, staring at the floor."Why don't you come into my office and I'll show you some more 'feel good' things.'Joey nodded and followed the gym teacher into the office next to the locker room. Once inside, Jackson closed the door and locked it. He drew the blinds team nymphets on the windows, which looked out onto the locker room. He stood in front of the boy and placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his crotch. He rubbed and fondled the boy's dick and balls through the soccer shorts. Joey was grunting and moaning as Jackson continued to stimulate him. Jackson had a prominent bulge in his shorts. He pulled little nymphets model Joey's tee shirt off. He knelt in front of the boy and unlaced his sneakers and removed them and his socks. He sweet nymphettes grasped the shorts and pulled them down. Joey stepped out of them. Jackson stared at the boy's jock, damp and musky with boy-sweat. This was a major turn-on for the gym teacher. He let out a sigh. He cupped the jock and rubbed it. He put his hand on Joey's smooth, hairless chest. He fondled the boy's nipples, then leaned in and licked and sucked on them. Jackson put his tongue in Joey's navel and licked the light fuzz that ran down to the boy's cock. free teen nymphets He nuzzled the sweaty jock, inhaling deeply the odor of sweat and piss, which drove him crazy. He licked it hungrily. His tongue went under the boy's balls. He took the pouch into his mouth and sucked on it. He inserted a finger into Joey's ass and rubbed his ass hole, which was so sweaty that the finger easily glided in. He felt the warm, moist interior. Joey was squirming; his cock was childporn pictures nymphets as hard as it could get in the taboo nymphet stories confines of the jock.Jackson gently turned the boy around and put his face into Joey's ass crack. He licked up and down. Joey had never had anything like this done to him before. The sensations he was getting from Jackson's tongue were beyond his experience. He was squirming and bucking his hips, making amateur nymphet photos quiet noises in his throat. Jackson reached around and cupped the jock-enclosed boy-cock and rubbed it as he licked Joey's nude nymphets galeries ass, thrusting his tongue into the tiny nympho sex moist and hot asshole.Both Joey and Jackson were nymphet photo no nude very aroused. Jackson's cock pressed painfully in his jock. He began to thrust his tongue more earnestly into Joey's asshole. This action, coupled with his rubbing of Joey's cock tiny nymphets art brought the boy to the edge, which didn't take much, anyway. "I think I'm gonna cum!" Joey blurted out. Jackson backed off, fashion nymphets japan not wanting this glorious moment to end.He turned Joey around and pulled the jock down. Joey's erection jumped out, standing at full attention; six inches of uncut boy-cock. Jackson stared at it in wonder. It was beautiful, so hard and the aromas wafting from it were delicious. He retracted the foreskin and licked the head. A pearl drop alina nymphet of pre-cum oozed out. pree teen nymphs He sucked in his breath. He licked the drop and savored it. He wanted to immediately engulf the beautiful, turgid cock, but controlled himself. Instead, he pulled the jock all the way down and Joey stepped out of it. Jackson picked it up and placed it over his mouth and nose. He inhaled deeply real nymphets nudist sites and licked it.Watching pedo world nymphets the gym teacher do this made Joey even hotter. As Jackson licked and inhaled the jock he reached out and nymphette gallery toplist fondled Joey's erection, gently masturbating it. The boy-cock was incredibly hot and wet.Jackson once again knelt in front of the boy and again licked the pre-cum. He fondled the boy-cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth over nymphet hard the sensitive head. He cupped Joey's tight ball sac with his other hand, rubbing the perineum with his index finger. Joey was oozing more pre-cum, which Jackson continued to lick, sending electric shocks through the boy's body.Jackson made a fist and held Joey's erection nymphets nudist with a feather-light touch. He rubbed up and down the shaft until he felt the boy tense, then he would back off until Joey relaxed. Then he would resume. nymphet pre naked After doing this for about five minutes, Joey nymphets undressing began to tremble. He preteeen nymphets moaned and squealed and bucked his hips; his cock was soaking wet. Jackson knew that it was time!"Separate your legs for me, Joey." Jackson asked in a hoarse whisper.The boy complied and the gym teacher reached nymphet free galleries through Joey's legs and put his finger nymphet i am fool into his asshole. He then took Joey sweet nymphets net into his mouth. He went all the way to the hilt on the nymphets naturists first suck. He stayed there and sucked lollita young nymphets hard. The contractions at the back of Jackson's throat were squeezing and releasing Joey's cock-head. Joey was delirious. Jackson sensed that the boy was ready to shoot his wad but he wanted the pleasure to last a bit longer so he backed off. He took his finger out of the boy's asshole and rubbed his ass-cheeks and the small of his back. Joey was panting and moaning."You're a good boy, Joey. Does that all feel good for you?""Please, Mr. Jackson, let me come." I can't stand it."OK, Joey, you can cum for me now."Jackson reinserted his finger into Joey's asshole as far as it would go. He could hear Joey suck in his breath and whimper. He took the boy's erection into his mouth and sucked hard, bobbing up and down rapidly. Joey's body got rigid, then he shook all over. He grasped Jackson's head to steady himself. He yelped and shot his hot wad into the gym teacher's throat. There was so much jiz that Jackson could hardly free nymphet galleries keep it all in his mouth. He had to swallow rapidly as the boy's cock continued to buck and spasm.Jackson kept bbs cute nymphet sucking well after the spasm's stopped. magic nymphet olita He knew that he would be giving Joey's super-sensitive cock some spectacular sensations."Whew! Oh, Mr. Jackson, Oh, Mr. Jackson, Joey murmured. He was still panting and bucking his hips.When the boy was completely soft, Jackson let his cock flop out of his mouth. His own erection was urging release. He stood up and Joey started to pull down Jackson's shorts and jock. The gym teacher was totally hung. Joey kept staring at the 8 cut inches that sprung out. This is what he had dreamt about sucking while jerking off after school."Take it into your mouth," Jackson urged. Joey knelt in front of the gym teacher and put as much of his cock into his mouth as he could. He was really inexperienced and Jackson nymphets erotic art sensed it."That's OK, Joey, just lick and suck the head. That's nice. Oh, nice." Joey fondled Jackson's balls as he sucked. Jackson noticed that Joey was getting an erection again."OK, Joey, I want you to do something special."Joey let the teacher's cock out of his mouth and stared up at him. "I want you to fuck me.""I don't know, Mr. Jackson," Joey young fuck nymphet stammered, "I never did that before.""That's OK. I'll show you how and you will really like the feeling you'll get. Get up."When Joey stood, Jackson, one again, began fondling the boy's now very stiff erection. Jackson was amazed at how quickly teens can recover. He reached into his desk drawer and took out a tube of KY. He lubed up Joey's cock then his own asshole. "Get behind me, Joey."Jackson bent over and leaned against his desk. "Spread my ass-cheeks and press your cock against my asshole." The boy did nymphet elite as instructed. When Jackson felt the hot tip of Joey's cock against his asshole he drew in his breath and moaned."Now slowly push it in." Jackson instructed. Joey went in to the hilt. "Oh, that feels good. You're wonderful, Joey! Oooooo! Now place your hands on my hips and slowly pump in and out."Joey began a rhythmic pumping. Jackson was moaning and telling the boy how wonderful his cock felt inside him. Jackson's cock was rigid and dripping. Joey started to pump faster, "Oh, that feels good, Oh. You're a beautiful boy, Joey, Ahhhhhhhhhhh."Without touching himself, Jackson moaned and orgasmed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! His sphincter pulsed around Joey's cock, bringing the boy to the edge. His body stiffened and Jackson could feel Joey's cock orgasm in his ass.Jackson told Joey to withdraw his cock slowly. When he had, they both collapsed against the desk. "That was awesome, Mr. Jackson." Joey gasped."You were wonderful, Joey. You're a wonderful boy," Jackson was saying as nymphets land free pics he stroked the Joey's hair. They rested a while, then Jackson suggested that they both shower and dress. Afterward, Jackson invited Joey back into his office."If you liked what we did and want some more, russian nymphets non nudes come over to my house on Saturday." Jackson scribbled his phone number and address on a scrap of paper and handed it to the boy. Joey nodded and took it..Joey hid the paper with Jackson's phone number and address among his schoolbooks. kds nymphets rompl He had to keep it away from his mother's prying eyes. She would certainly question why he would have this information on that piece of paper.Joey was up early on Saturday. He had some chores to do around the house and the front lawn to cut. When he was done he showered nude nymphets thumbs and dressed in bikini briefs and the tightest pair of jeans he had. He wanted russian gallery nymphets to impress and he certainly did. He got on his bike and rode to the Mall to use the phone there to call Jackson, rather than the one at home. Jackson told Joey he could come right nymphet studio over. The boy took no time to get there. He was very horny. Jackson opened the door before Joey had a chance to ring the bell. He had been watching for him out of the front window."Come in, Joey," Jackson said nudes nymphets models cordially. He stared at the prominent bulge in the teen's crotch. He felt his cock stiffen. " You look beautiful," Jackson said, a bit breathlessly! He put an arm around Joey's shoulder and led him into the living room. "You look wonderful," he kept repeating. He patted the boy on the ass and invited him to sit on the sofa. "I'll get us some cokes." He ducked into the kitchen and came back with two ice cold cans. He handed one to Joey and sat down nymphets top sites next to him."You know, Joey, you can never skinny nymphets tell anyone what we do together. Not even your best friend. If you do it will be bad for both of us. Agreed?""Oh, yes, Mr. Jackson," Joey replied. I never tell.""You can call me Ron when you're here in my house.""OK, R-o-n." Joey red nymphets said the name hesitantly. It sounded strange to be calling a teacher by his first name. After some more small talk, Jackson put his hand on Joey's thigh."We're going to do tiny nymphette nude some different things today. They will all be feel good things. If anything doesn't feel good to you, you tell me and we will stop.""OK, Ron," Joey blurted out with more confidence.Jackson began to rub Joey's thigh, which made the boy's cock stir then get hard. He edged his hand up to Joey's bulge and cupped it, squeezing it gently. He asked the boy to stand up and he hugged him close, pressing his now erect cock against Joey's. He kissed Joey's forehead then gently put his lips on the boy's. Meanwhile, he began rubbing Joey's ass. Joey was inexperienced in kissing. Ray free tender nymphets and Rob never did that. But he knew enough to open his mouth a bit. undeage nymphets Jackson pushed his tongue through and swirled it around the boy's mouth. Joey had never felt anything like that. They stayed like that for a while, both enjoying the sensations. Jackson started to grind his pelvis into Joey's stomach. He was very aroused now. Joey could feel his stiff cock pushing against him."You're so beautiful, Joey," Jackson kept whispering as he hugged and fondled him. He caressed his hair and ran his hands over his neck and face. He cupped both hands around Joey's ass and pulled him close. He licked hurny nymphets the boy's lips, then his neck.Joey aroused Jackson to the max. He had had other boys before, seducing them just the way he had seduced Joey. nymphets nastia But this boy was special. Jackson had been watching him for a long time. Joey's red hair was a real turn-on for Jackson. His slim, athletic body and round ass drove the gym teacher crazy. When they were on the play field, Jackson would get a boner just watching Joey's body move and his ass wriggle. After nymphette underage nymphet practice Jackson would watch Joey shower from his office window, noticing especially his substantial cock, which when soft was impressive and his wondrous ass. He would wack off watching the boy wash himself. Joey was a regular part of Jackson's masturbation fantasy. Now he had this dream-boat in his arms!Let's go into the rape asia nymphets bedroom, Joey." The boy nodded and followed behind. Once inside the room, Jackson closed and locked the door. He walked over to Joey, who was standing awkwardly by the bed. He undressed the boy completely and then got naked himself. He felt the teen all over. Joey was fully erect. Jackson fondled Joey's boner and ran a finger into the boy's ass crack. Jackson led Joey into the den off of the bedroom. It bbs nudist nymphet had a couch and the largest TV screen Joey had ever seen. Jackson motioned to Joey to sit on the couch and then walked over to the TV and slipped a DVD into the player. nude nymphets ls He returned to the couch and sat next to the little underage nymphet nude boy and clicked the remote.Joey watched in amazement. He had never seen a porn flick. This was a man-boy porn flick. The first scene opens with a boy about Joey's age, a slender Asian teen with long black hair. He is completely naked. Joey is aroused by the beauty of the boy. naked nymphets nude The boy is slowly wanking himself into an erection. His cock is not large, but thick. nymphets naked ls He puts a finger into his ass as he masturbates. A man enters the room. He too is completely naked and is fully erect. He is older than Jackson and not as nicely built.As the movie mini nymphets unfolds, Jackson puts his right arm around Joey's shoulder and begins to fondle the boy's cock with his other hand. The Asian boy is standing in front of the man who reaches out and touches the teen's erection. He dark nymphet nude beach feels best free nymphets under the boy's balls then masturbates him. The boy's eyes are closed. Jackson is now masturbating Joey, slowly and gently. Pre-cum is oozing out of the boy's cock, which Jackson smears around the cock-head. The man in the movie holds the Asian boy by best nymphet porn the pregnancy nymphets nude hips and gently guides him to the bed, where the boy sits down. The man kneels between the boy's legs and begins to nymphets pix suck him.Joey is wide-eyed at what is happening on nymphet pedo porn the TV screen. He presses his body to Jackson's, who pumps more urgently. The nakednymphets boy on the screen is moaning as the man sucks him hard. Suddenly the man backs off of the teen's cock and motions him to get nymphets cp top list on the bed. The man gets behind the boy, who is now on all fours. He lubs up his cock and enters the teen. He fucks him hard and withdraws just as he is about to cum and shoots all over the boy's back. The man flops on the bed and the boy lies next to him. The man grabs the teen's cock, which is still rock-hard, and jerks him off. Ron clicks the remote."Did you like that, Joey?" Jackson asked."Yeah, It made me real horny.""Good. Let's go to the bed."Jackson invited Joey to get on the bed on his back and bend his legs. He then got some lube and applied it to Joey's asshole. Joey watched underage ukranian nymphets silently letting Jackson do whatever he wanted. free virgin nymphet Jackson went over to his dresser and rummaged through a drawer and brought out a dildo. It was white plastic and smooth. It was of medium size."Joey this is a yuong nymphettes nudes dildo, it is also a vibrator. I'm going to slowly and underage nymphets bbs gently put it in your ass hacked uncensored nymphet and then turn on the vibrator. After I put it in and turned it on, I'm going to push it in and out. It will feel so good. super nymphet While I'm doing that I'm going to jerk you off. You're going to feel like cumming right away. That's OK, I want you to cum."Joey liked the idea. He had put lots of things up his bbs nymphet com ass while masturbating. He knew how good it feels to cum while having something up there! Joey nymphet little kds sex nodded and free youngest ebony nymphets Jackson got on the bed and knelt in front of the boy. He pushed the tip of the dildo against Joey's asshole. "Just relax and it will feel good," Jackson whispered. He started to push the dildo in slowly, ever so slowly. When it was past the sphincter, he turned it on. It made a quiet buzzing sound. Joey swallowed hard. He had never felt anything like what he was felling now. He wanted more and more of it in so nymphets hard he pushed on it."Good boy, Joey. I'm going to jerk you off now. I want to see you cum. Relax and you'll really enjoy it." Jackson grasped the teen's cock slowly moving his hand up and down the shaft while pumping the dildo in and out. Joey is squirming and breathing hard. Jackson goes faster now. He picks up the pace both with nymphet filipinas his hand and with the dildo."I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!""OK let it go, Joey."With that, Joey's cock erupts. Jackson pushes the dildo all the way in and holds it there. After the first spurt, which arcs up onto Joey's chest, Jackson takes Joey into his mouth and sucks the throbbing teen cock. The boy's wad is almost choking him. He withdraws the dildo but keeps sucking until Joey's cock is soft.Jackson is incredibly aroused. He takes the dildo that he had just nymphet colection taken out of Joey's ass and inserts it into his own. He sighs little nymphet nude portal as ukrainian nymphets link it glides in. It is still warm. He pumps rapidly it in and out; he is moaning and his cock is soaked with pre-cum. He grasps it and masturbates while still kneeling in front of Joey. The boy notices how slick with sweat Jackson's body is. Joey watches in amazement as Jackson pushes and pulls the dildo in and blog free nymphets out of his ass as he wacks off. The sight was also making Joey horny again. His cock is now semi- erect. Jackson comes to the edge in no time at all. nymphets nude arts He lets out a low moan as he nymphet junior tgp orgasms; he spews jiz all over Joey's cock and balls and chest. Thoroughly spent, Jackson withdraws the dildo and throws it on the floor. He crawls on top of Joey and pressed nymphets pics porno his lips against the teen's, their jiz covered bodies entwining, their tongues darting real nymphet nude art into each other's mouths. Joey puts his arms around Jackson's back and presses him tightly to himself.After a while, Jackson rolls off of the boy and lays next him. From past experience he knows that Joey would be erect again in no time. Jackson wanted to japanesse nymphet fuck the boy badly but did not want to hurt him or turn him off. To Jackson's surprise, Joey leaned over and took the teacher's soft cock into his mouth. He sucked him to an erection. Jackson watched as Joey's nymphets small child nymphet lol cock got hard nymphet snuff again. He reached over and fondled it as Joey continued to suck him.Joey lifted off of Jackson's cock and looked up at him. He said, "If you can make me feel good with that vibrator, I bet that you can make me feel even better with this up my ass." Joey gave free videos little nymphets Jackson's cock a wank."Are you sure?" Jackson asked. "I'm much bigger than the vibrator. I don't want to hurt you.""I want you to nymphet tgp bbs fuck me, Ron. I know street nymphets you won't hurt me."With that Jackson leaned in and took the boy's erection into his mouth and sucked him until he was right at the edge. His own cock bbs land nymphet was dripping. He knelt in front of the boy and lifted his illegals pics of nymphets legs onto his shoulders. He gently eased his cock in. Joey's ass was so hot and tight. When the sphincter grabbed around it, Jackson almost came."Are you OK, Joey?" Jackson panted."Yes, yes, it feels totally fine." Joey began to push against Jackson's cock. He plunged all the way in and Joey let out a sigh. topless nymphet Jackson held his cock in and grasped the boy's erection. He fondled it and he began to wank it. He wanted Joey to have his orgasm just as he was cuming in his ass. Jackson pumped his cock slowly in and out. He jerked Joey slowly at first then faster. When he felt himself cuming he masturbated Joey rapidly. The boy yelped and came just as Jackson shot his wad.
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